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karmic residue

A draft of a screenplay I’ve been working on… related to the celestial navigations mobile app design. This, in part, follows a personal project to trace my family history from Canada to the Caribbean to South Asia. The other part… I’m still undecided on. karmic residue (08.15.17)  Related  /  celestial navigations Advertisements

celestial navigations

mobile app This mobile app is an attempt to simplify the task of tracing Indo-Trinidadian ancestry, by making archival records more accessible. This task only became possible in 2011, when the indentureship records were made available to the public through support from UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program. The records, however, are still not easily accessible due to the historical structure of the colonial registers. Trying to trace family ancestry usually requires oscillating between the national archives (Trinidad & Tobago) and elder family members. With relatives dispersed around the world, it is common for such a project span North America/ Europe and the Caribbean, and take several years to complete the project. Incomplete information at each point of contact requires multiple trips. When gathering information at various points of contact, it would be beneficial to have access to a summary of various archival records/ fonds (ie. ship arrival dates/details, maps of plantations with workforce info, etc) to help narrow towards the most accurate date range to focus on when you do eventually delve into the national archives. Even when at the …

family folklore

This report follows an existing research project I have been developing. The South Asian tradition of family folklore (reminiscences, family sagas, myths about the family’s connection to supernatural or divine beings), carry the aura of a place with them, illustrating how people draw on the imaginative to sustain themselves. This report supports research for the development of an ethnographic documentary about Indo-Trinidadian oral histories, derived from the descendants of canefield labourers. The emphasis is on oral histories/ family folklore contrasted against sugarcane farming as a dwindling agricultural practice in the country, amidst the recent rise of the oil and natural gas industries. download report APPENDIX SCRIPTED SCENES FROM INITIAL RESEARCH TRIP TO TRINIDAD (2014)