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A business plan for an app we developed… loosely based on CookPad out of Japan and the US-based Yummly, it was envisioned as a social network for all things food + sustainability. Read the Sous-Chef business plan Developed with Emily Dame + Janae Roomes. Advertisements

karmic residue

A draft of a screenplay I’ve been working on… related to the celestial navigations mobile app design. This, in part, follows a personal project to trace my family history from Canada to the Caribbean to South Asia. The other part… I’m still undecided on. karmic residue (08.15.17)  Related  /  celestial navigations


A podcast experiment… created from a series of student interviews on the campus of Ryerson University (Toronto) in autumn 2015. CREDITS studio interview / Julia Walters, (Immigrant & Settlement Studies) interviewees / Dana Dwaik (Journalism), Palma Ghatti (Architecture), Mosaur Motage, Ryan Walsh, Olivia Maeder (Journalism), Aziz Alaschquar (Engineering) host, producer, editing / Janine Ramlochan (New Media) Related reading a socio-determinist critique…

taking flight: perspectives from the depths of an ideas factory

An essay that was published as part of the sarai 09: projections reader of the series of sarai readers. The essay follows the life of an idea and its propensity to travel far in the digital age, given the right coalescing conditions. It explores the process of fermenting ideas from within an ad agency and parallels this with the conditions which catapult social movements forward. download essay