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(creative writing exercise) janine ramlochan (05.12.1974 – date unknown) Janine Ramlochan was a reluctant feminist whose storytelling unintentionally incited anarchy throughout half the world, disrupting imbalances in power in gender dynamics. Living in a time of growing misogyny, little is now known about her, due to collective efforts to have her record expunged by a myriad of states, of which she had been declared an enemy. In some circles her influence has been credited with closing the gender gap in a range of fields, leading to a more equitable global society.     

my business skills

Something I wrote to explain what skills I bring to the table in starting my own business…   My competitive advantage centres on uncovering human texture. I seem to be a natural researcher — delving into all the relevant data, identifying gaps, designing methodologies to fill those gaps, etc. Sitting in people’s houses, rummaging through cupboards, closets and fridges to understand their daily habits, then exploring how they process, relate and react to broader issues affecting their lives. My role has (primarily) been to connect human insight and creativity in ways that fuelled ideas for multinational advertising clients. In the 1990s, amidst the Quebec referendum, most big multinationals were harmonizing their North American strategies. In Canada, this meant strengthening team understanding of differences between Quebec, English Canada and US consumers in needs, behaviour and attitudes; then highlighting how these variances should impact communication strategies to achieve business targets. My approach was to continuously induce paradigm shifts using client data as a means to influence how our client’s research, marketing and media budgets were spent. I …

my mom’s eulogy

This has become related to a body of work I have been researching/ developing as I try to trace my family history from Canada to the Caribbean to South Asia.  During exam week in 2015, my mother’s passing stimulated a shift in the focus of my research/ artistic practice on my family origins. With newly acquired family documents and their maintenance (a responsibility my siblings do not seem to want), and the historical significance they seem to have, have stimulated interest in a range of directions to explore.     CECILIA RAMLOCHAN / 03.03.1940 – 12.13.2015 Thank you friends, family and colleagues of Cecilia Ramlochan for making it here today to celebrate her life. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Janine and I am her daughter… the youngest of her three children. When I was little, my mom was an Avon lady… something she did part time. It started when she took time-off from teaching to raise me and my brothers. She’d sometimes take me with her… brochures in hand… cases of …