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the iacx73545 dossier – cohesion

current prototype (documentation) uoft tutorial submission This project has taken awhile to come together… but it’s finally showing signs of being something potentially cohesive (at least to me!). The current draft is a submission for the final course in a creative writing certificate, where I will hopefully further develop the poetry & prose, characterization and storyworld. The prototype helps with envisioning/ designing the interaction flow. This is the 2nd variation of the interaction design… the first was an interaction design that manifested in a Twine prototype. It wasn’t pretty, but without going through the process, I wouldn’t have landed on a dossier structure. The aesthetics are placeholder. Ideally, I’d like to have an aesthetic approach that dovetails with a fine art graphic novel… as potential storyline extensions are likely to develop in that direction. The aesthetic reference will likely be in the direction of “Kabuki: Metamorphosis” (David Mack), or “The Wrenchies” (Farel Dalrymple) as a very distant second.

narrative reframing

This essay focuses on the first season of the Serial podcast, analyzing the narrative approach used in Sarah Koenig’s investigation of an old murder case. In covering the story, Koenig managed to correct cultural biases/ judgements inherent in the original criminal trial, and revealed a separation between truth and fact in the case, resulting in an upcoming retrial of the person convicted. Much of this was achieved through various techniques and aesthetics used in her reframing of the case narrative. Using the lens of theorists Palmenfelt and Jennings, I hope to illuminate the narrative approaches used, through an ethnographic analysis of aspects of the narration, and through examining theories around oral storytelling traditions employed in the podcast series. Serial’s Season 1 (referred to as ‘Serial’ throughout) is an episodic podcast first available late in Fall 2014. The podcast covers Sarah Koenig’s journalistic investigation into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a high school student in Baltimore, Maryland. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed was convicted of first degree murder the following year and given a life …


A podcast experiment… created from a series of student interviews on the campus of Ryerson University (Toronto) in autumn 2015. CREDITS studio interview / Julia Walters, (Immigrant & Settlement Studies) interviewees / Dana Dwaik (Journalism), Palma Ghatti (Architecture), Mosaur Motage, Ryan Walsh, Olivia Maeder (Journalism), Aziz Alaschquar (Engineering) host, producer, editing / Janine Ramlochan (New Media) Related reading a socio-determinist critique…