Month: April 2019

the iacx73545 dossier – cohesion

current prototype (documentation) uoft tutorial submission This project has taken awhile to come together… but it’s finally showing signs of being something potentially cohesive (at least to me!). The current draft is a submission for the final course in a creative writing certificate, where I will hopefully further develop the poetry & prose, characterization and storyworld. The prototype helps with envisioning/ designing the interaction flow. This is the 2nd variation of the interaction design… the first was an interaction design that manifested in a Twine prototype. It wasn’t pretty, but without going through the process, I wouldn’t have landed on a dossier structure. The aesthetics are placeholder. Ideally, I’d like to have an aesthetic approach that dovetails with a fine art graphic novel… as potential storyline extensions are likely to develop in that direction. The aesthetic reference will likely be in the direction of “Kabuki: Metamorphosis” (David Mack), or “The Wrenchies” (Farel Dalrymple) as a very distant second. Advertisements

managing spoilt little boys

#childrenwhogrowuptosay #doyouknowwhomyparentsare The high pitched squeal of my plastic Ultraman hammer now garnered a Pavlovian response, enabling a return of order to the classroom. Screeching of chairs replaced the yelling as they settled into their seats, and the desks returned to straightened rows. The lesson this week was “favourites.” What is your favourite— dessert, sport, drink, subject, hobby… and why? They’d individually come to the front of the class to answer, then were allowed to throw a big smiley faced yellow bouncy ball at one of their classmates. Whomever it hit was up next. Every ten minutes, the categories of favourites changed. The rules were, responses must be coherent, grammatically correct, with adequate complexity to the particular level of their English class. Also, no standing on desks or chairs to throw themselves in the trajectory of the ball. Ultra light and bouncy, they’d try to whip it as hard as they could at their friends. I’d confiscated it from a student. Far too frequently, the ball had been flying through the air in the middle …