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A little less than a year ago, I deactivated my Facebook account and put restrictions in place to eliminate the ‘junk’ appearing in all my newsfeeds — to allow me to focus on the content I prefer. I also wanted to reduce the time I spent on social media and its propensity to distract me. To enhance my ability to focus, I now limit my social media to just two devices and I’m developing a habit of not looking at social media when working on my macbook pro or iMac. This doesn’t always work, as I usually have my iPhone or iPad next to me when I’m working, but they at least contain my social media usage stats in two devices.

For this infographic, I analyzed my social media usage to determine how successful I’ve been in achieving the above. The data used to arrive at the infographic is based on two things: 1/ stats provided on the ‘Screen Time’ feature recently added to Apple devices and 2/ a tally of how I prioritized the news content I consumed on each of the apps for the week.

With traditional news outlets (CBC, CBC Radio, BBC), I tend to scroll through headlines, briefly reading summaries. If there’s a news story from another part of the world I’m interested in, I’ll then look it up on a publication from that region. Audm I use similarly to a podcast platform and mostly to listen to articles while making breakfast in the morning. I seem to listen to articles disproportionately from The Atlantic… everything else is a distant 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. On Twitter, I primarily read articles from Quartz and NPR, as the others listed mostly have article limits before you have to subscribe, and I seem to read those more strategically. The only local news source I subscribe to is the Daily Hive TO, mostly for traffic, TTC and weather info.  

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