Year: 2019


My therapist would say I’m now able to cope better most of the time, however, this still stands… (although, I feel like this might be too much, he would disagree and say I can handle more than I think… maybe). 6.29.2019 My doctor says work hours should be limited to 5-6 hrs/day for the first 6-8 mths. He recommends starting with a 4-day work week and going from there. Travel should be reasonable. Transatlantic flights (+ longer) should be limited to once every 4 wks. I should be given final say on all scheduling/ travel commitments, and the flexibility to virtually attend meetings instead.  I should have flexible work hours and the ability to work remotely. Working in-house should be limited to 2-3 days/ week. Meeting durations should be limited to 2.5 hrs/ day.  The workload should be agreed upon in advance, with clearly defined roles and reporting lines that are appropriate to the current situation.  My doctor is willing to provide a medical letter outlining the above.  Advertisements

the iacx73545 dossier – cohesion

current prototype (documentation) uoft tutorial submission This project has taken awhile to come together… but it’s finally showing signs of being something potentially cohesive (at least to me!). The current draft is a submission for the final course in a creative writing certificate, where I will hopefully further develop the poetry & prose, characterization and storyworld. The prototype helps with envisioning/ designing the interaction flow. This is the 2nd variation of the interaction design… the first was an interaction design that manifested in a Twine prototype. It wasn’t pretty, but without going through the process, I wouldn’t have landed on a dossier structure. The aesthetics are placeholder. Ideally, I’d like to have an aesthetic approach that dovetails with a fine art graphic novel… as potential storyline extensions are likely to develop in that direction. The aesthetic reference will likely be in the direction of “Kabuki: Metamorphosis” (David Mack), or “The Wrenchies” (Farel Dalrymple) as a very distant second.


Corrections from prev. version posted: Donegan was an associate editor with the New Republic and her departure from the organization was unrelated to the Shitty Media Men List. We should not mourn the end of the creative lives of the men being outed as predators: we should contemplate the creative contributions we never had, will never know, because their creators were crushed or shut out. The losses due to misogyny and racism have been normalised forever. The task has been to de-normalise them and break the silence they impose. To make a society where everyone’s story gets told. Rebecca Solnit By examining the mobilization of the #MeToo movement to-date and the technology tools women now have at their disposal, I will show how, in the face of increasingly transparent hegemony (corporate, political, judicial) oppressing women, there is a likelihood/ greater probability that women will begin to take control into their own hands to bring about much needed institutional change. By posting the words #MeToo on social media in the fall of 2017, women all over …


A little less than a year ago, I deactivated my Facebook account and put restrictions in place to eliminate the ‘junk’ appearing in all my newsfeeds — to allow me to focus on the content I prefer. I also wanted to reduce the time I spent on social media and its propensity to distract me. To enhance my ability to focus, I now limit my social media to just two devices and I’m developing a habit of not looking at social media when working on my macbook pro or iMac. This doesn’t always work, as I usually have my iPhone or iPad next to me when I’m working, but they at least contain my social media usage stats in two devices. For this infographic, I analyzed my social media usage to determine how successful I’ve been in achieving the above. The data used to arrive at the infographic is based on two things: 1/ stats provided on the ‘Screen Time’ feature recently added to Apple devices and 2/ a tally of how I prioritized the …