Year: 2018

assholes + string puppets

Assholes & string puppets tells of the journey of 3 siblings settling their mother’s estate as co-executors and beneficiaries, while dealing with skeletons in the closet and the coercive demands of one co-executor. It just happens to be my story. WAKING UP My brother wants to paint the entire house himself. Wade told me today, he’s starting this weekend. How it will raise the value of the house when we sell it. He’s unconcerned that there’s still two-thirds of the house to be emptied, expensive furniture we’ll have estate liquidators remove anyway. I suggest we hold off on painting until we have more stuff donated or thrown out, but he says I’m being stupid. ¨Let’s try to handle one room at a time. Not only do I live here, but I also work from home.¨ I sent Wade a long message on Messenger ‘cause he isn’t reading his emails. How we need to gain agreement from Emile before making changes to Mom’s estate; how putting the entire house in chaos while we’re decluttering and making repairs …

philip beesley architects

Image Credit: Philip Beesley/ ROM Updated 12.16.2018 / I developed a concept for a global outreach program for the “Philip Beesley: Transforming Spaces” exhibit. View here. ______________________ I recently volunteered to work in Philip Beesley’s studio for a handful of days (for creative practice hours), helping with fabrication for an installation that was commissioned for an upcoming tour beginning in Vienna in October. The evening of my first day, I was invited to “Le Metabolism: Transforming Design on Film,”an artist talk at the Royal Ontario Museum — including a screening of the film “Le Metabolism” about the making of the ROM Dome Dress; access to the 2 exhibits “Philip Beesley: Transforming Space” and “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion”; and a private reception. The ROM commissioned Dome Dress was the focus of the documentary and artist talk, and became the hinge between the two exhibits. Four (of their ten) shared designs are on display in van Herpen’s adjacent exhibit. A Dutch designer known for “her otherworldly dresses, and shoes that defy the laws of physics, [van …

text reflection – hito steyerl

“The poor image has been uploaded, downloaded, shared, reformatted, and reedited. It transforms quality into accessibility, exhibition value into cult value, films into clips, contemplation into distraction. [..] The contemporary hierarchy of images, however, is not only based on sharpness, but also and primarily on resolution.” Hito Steyerl Demons is an experimental film/ music video collaboration with a sound designer/ composer based in Belgium and a singer/ songwriter in Italy. The narrative concept focuses on mental illness ~ we drew inspiration from the Miss Havisham character (‘Great Expectations’) imagining her in her younger years; imagining how her story might be different if she suffered from mental illness. The concept was developed and shot in 2014/15, and while we spent the better part of 2015/16 editing the footage together, life got in the way of the project getting off the ground. Two of us had deaths in the family, which necessitated putting the project on hold for extended periods. The marketing never fully came together. The launch was again postponed until 2019, as it was intended …

site report – ryerson image centre

Read Site Report here I attended a curatorial talk at the ROM’s Africa-Asia wing as a field trip for an Anthropology course a few years ago. The talk was on an exhibit about the Berlin Conference (1884-85), its impact on museum collections, and the role museum collections played within the European colonial project. The curator was particularly passionate as this was part of her contribution to the museum, and in a small way, she felt it worked towards correcting some of the historical legacies of museum collections. The Berlin Conference was a western diplomatic effort to renew colonization efforts particularly in Africa, around fifty years after the transatlantic slave trade ended (1834 in the British colonies), when criticisms of the slave trade made public opinion a cause for concern for the new imperialist project. According to the curator, one approach was to look for ways to dehumanize Africa. Museums exhibited artifacts constructing narratives devoid of market forces, politics, any semblance of economy, religious belief, culture or civilization. Historically, museum exhibitions of these regions focused on displays …

iacx73545 – pieces

For the IACX73545 Dossier project … read more here. Production budget This budget covers the costs of taking a fully developed concept to a commercially viable prototype. It follows the CMF budget format for prototype development. The project assumes the app development portion of the app project will be covered by a production partner, so the breakdown of these costs are not provided at this stage. The budget also assumes the prose writing/ audio scripts will be complete and a handful of prototyping of the VR and audio scenes are (hopefully) complete (by me). Audience feedback / questionnaire This proposes an approach/ questionnaire to initial and on-going research throughout the development/ launch of the app.

mirrors: in pluralism, syncretism and construction

Image: The Battle of Algiers (Film) This essay attempts to explore/ deconstruct how Assia Djebar’s socialization informed her literary style in her novel “Children of the New World.” Polarities of praise and criticism Djebar has received, point to how her formative experiences (cultural, political, gendered) have informed the structure and artistry of the novel in ways not often seen in other writers’ works. However, the aesthetic approaches used by Djebar in writing this novel are perhaps equally (more interestingly) derived by how the tools of her socialization aided in achieving her intended goals with this book. Assia Djebar’s Background Born in 1936 in then French Algeria, Djebar was educated at the École Normale Supérieure, and became part of a generation of writers who not only came of age during a series of colonial independence movements, but also whose socialization was shaped by a range of influences — in Djebar’s case, Western, Arab and Berber. The only woman amongst the Algerian literary pioneers of her generation, her work included novels, essays, documentary films and plays, all …


(creative writing exercise) janine ramlochan (05.12.1974 – date unknown) Janine Ramlochan was a reluctant feminist whose storytelling unintentionally incited anarchy throughout half the world, disrupting imbalances in power in gender dynamics. Living in a time of growing misogyny, little is now known about her, due to collective efforts to have her record expunged by a myriad of states, of which she had been declared an enemy. In some circles her influence has been credited with closing the gender gap in a range of fields, leading to a more equitable global society.     

inducing curiosity

This outlines an interaction design for an exhibition flow inducing curiosity in short-form narrative content. The focus is on the interaction design rather than the tech setup. Once the tech specs/ limitations are explored, the UX design aspects (shape/ size of projection screens, projectors used, sensor specificity) will all shift. While it is questionable whether an arduino microcontroller can accommodate the electricity this interaction requires, the interactions from a conductive paint sensor, to microcontroller to light source + screen is actually feasible. JRAMLOCHAN_process JRAMLOCHAN_reflectionpaper