Month: December 2017


A business plan for an app we developed… loosely based on CookPad out of Japan and the US-based Yummly, it was envisioned as a social network for all things food + sustainability. Read the Sous-Chef business plan Developed with Emily Dame + Janae Roomes.


A draft and initial play through of an interactive structure… once I’ve worked out the flow in Twine, will likely re-program it in processing + flash. Play IA#CX73545 AUTHOR’S STATEMENT / IA#CX73545 IA#CX73545 is an interactive Twine game I created. It follows the activities of an intergalactic anthropologist (Journee) on a research mission to Earth from multiple vantage points. Journee’s Earth mission is a ruse to ascertain the location of two activists-turned-terrorists (Auden & Aiden), known for undermining the political infrastructure of their galaxy. A secondary objective of Journee’s mission is to test the military grade alien camouflage she was given to appear human. Journee is unaware of both objectives, believing she was sent to Earth in an official capacity to study human language. With the collapse of Auden & Aiden’s planet, resulting in a civilization of asylum seekers scattered around the universe, Auden’s Earth exile begins to catalyze his increasing political prominence across the galaxies, as he attempts to unite his people and evade the authorities. The story takes the form of Journee’s autoethnographic …