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cyborg texts

As a cyborg writer, I really like the volume and expansiveness of ideas the text generators allow. The randomness of the text generators and the Memory Slam text editors really allow you to explore different approaches to a poem while maintaining the same structure.

With the N+7 text generator, I used a poem that I wrote and compiled a second poem constructed from fragments of the N+7 output. I then ran the revised poem through the text generator again. The second N+7 output was far more interesting in cohesively random the verses were this time. Running the poems through a the eDiastic program, using the same original poem, led to a very different poetic structure, which had a range of similar ambiguities, but followed a consistent poetic structure.

Using Nick Monfort’s Memory Slam section, I chose to modify the stochastic texts program, using various characters and characteristics from a range of sci-fi poetry/ short stories I have been developing. Through working on this over a period of time, I find this becomes really amusing or really tiresome based on my mood. Sometimes this seems really cool, other times, not so much. Having said that, I can see how this might be compellingly repurposed as the basis for a new media installation.

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