Year: 2013

taking flight: perspectives from the depths of an ideas factory

An essay that was published as part of the sarai 09: projections reader of the series of sarai readers. The essay follows the life of an idea and its propensity to travel far in the digital age, given the right coalescing conditions. It explores the process of fermenting ideas from within an ad agency and parallels this with the conditions which catapult social movements forward. download essay Advertisements


Verdeccia’s play, Fronteras Americanas/American Borders illustrates Stuart Hall’s fluid construction of identity, encompassing a variable process in diaspora experience, which changes over time. Yet, it seems Verdeccia uses all four models in a sequence; perhaps suggesting the diaspora experience has stages. Once he began feeling the overarching culture and the limitations his Hispanic/Latino origins placed on him in his new place of origin, he then began to call our the stereotypes in an effort to dispel them. He encapsulates all the stereotypes, explored by his alter ego “Wideload”, when discussing Latin films (p. 47), which bring together all the preconceptions he is currently faced with. Yet, while attempting to dispel the stereotypes, for a moment perhaps, he exists in the place of “us” and “them.” By bringing the boundary to the surface — something I assert is necessary to cope with the boundary and determine what one can really do about it’s existence –- he creates a divisiveness. The mechanism of using “Wideload” is a luxury most of us do not have –- an alter …